Giovanni Claudio Di Giorgio – first violin
Francesco Zanchetta – second violin
Matteo Terenzio Canella – viola
Giacomo Grespan – cello

Formed in 2013, the Manfredi Quartet receives its musical education by Miguel Da Silva at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Regional de Paris. While furthering its training at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, it receives a scholarship reserved for the most promising quartets and support from the Alimondo Ciampi Foundation.

The Quartet has won first prize at the Gasparo da Salò Competition in Brescia and at the Treviso International Competition. As of 2018, it is part of the “Dimore del Quartetto” project.

The Manfredi Quartet has performed for notable associations such as: Società Veneziana dei Concerti, Festival di Spoleto, Società dei Concerti di Milano, Amici della Musica “G. Michelli” di Ancona, Amici della Musica di Bassano, Asolo Musica-Veneto Musica, Società Filarmonica di Trento, Quatuor en Pays Basque, Festival Lucien Durosoir. The quartet is the in residence quartet of the Cittadella International Music Festival & Masterclasses.

The quartet was awarded the MEGEP (Musiciens Entre Guerre et Paix) prize at the 46th Session de l’Academie Internationale de Musique Maurice Ravel a Saint-Jean-de-Luz. It has also taken part in the “Accademia Europea del Quartetto 2017” with Hatto Beyerle, Alfred Brendel, Johannes Meissl and Andrea Nannoni.

Further studies have been conducted with Petr Holman of the Zemlinsky Quartet and Antonello Farulli at the “Accademia Pianistica Incontri col Maestro di Imola.”

The quartet owes its name to Filippo Manfredi, violinist for the Quartetto Toscano, history’s first professional string quartet founded in mid-18th century with violinist Pietro Nardini, violist Giuseppe Cambini and cellist Luigi Boccherini.



I was born in 1993 and have started playing violin at the age of seven. I have obtained my degree with full marks and special mention at the “B. Marcello” Conservatory in Venice as part of the class of Stefano Zanchetta. I have furthered my studies at the Conservatory in Lugano with Pavel Berman and have frequented lessons with Giovanni Guglielmo and Helfried Fister at the KLK Conservatory of Klagenfurt. I play an Eugenio Degani violin.

I have the role of italian-english translator for the quartet which embarrassingly points out the irony of needing an italian-italian translator to communicate during rehearsals.



I was born in 1996 and started studying violin at 11 years old. I obtained my degree with full marks at the “A. Steffani” Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto as part of the class of Stefano Pagliari. I have also frequented masterclasses with Ilya Grubert, Eliot Lawson, Fabian Rieser, Enzo Porta, Roberto Baraldi. As of 2017, I am furthering my studies with Oleksandr Semchuk and Ksenia Milas at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro”. I play a Giovanni Lazzaro violin.



I was born in 1989 and have started violin at the age of ten with Luca Dalsass. Subsequently I have frequented the “A. Steffani” Conservatoy in Castelfranco Veneto, where I graduated in 2012 with full marks as part of the class of Luca Volpato. I have also studied with Bruno Giuranna and Davide Zaltron. I play a 1997 Richard Alexander viola.

Even though I always say that there’s no truer joy in life other than music, I cultivate a fondness for serialized television, football (especially fantasy football) and my personal domestic agricultural enterprise: chilly, which I then feed to Giovanni for the joys of his gastric apparatus and his possible doctors.



I was born in 1987 and began playing cello at fourteen. I earned my degree at the “B. Marcello” Conservatory in Venice with Angelo Zanin and have furthered my studies with Marco Scano, Marin Cazacu and David Geringas.

I am the quartet’s official and undisputed cook. When such expertise is required I exercise a zero tolerance policy and interference is met with extreme prejudice.